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Research and Publications


We are proud to showcase the results of research undertaken by members of our interdisciplinary Research Lab. Our work and findings have been published in a number of prestigious publications in our field.

1. Analysis of Travel Behaviors during Floods in Ubon Ratchathani City, Thailand: Noriyasu Tsumita, Sittha Jaensirisak, Hiroki Kikuchi, Atsushi Fukuda, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 832(1), pp.012034, July 2021.

2. Application of Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram under Flooding Situation to Traffic Management Measures: Suwanno Piyapong, Rattanaporn Kasemsri, Kaifeng Duan, Atsushi Fukuda, Sustainability 13 (No.20), 11227, October 2021

3. Analysis of Travel Behavior Under Flooding Condition Based on Probe Data in Ubon Ratchathani City, Thailand, Proceedings of the Second International Conference of Construction: Noriyasu Tsumita, Kohga Miyamura, Sittha Jaensirisak, Atsushi Fukuda, Infrastructure, and Materials, Lecture Note in Civil Engineering, pp.303-316, January 2022.

4. Reduction of vehicle fuel consumption from adjustment of cycle length at a signalized intersection and promotional use of environmentally friendly vehicles: Napon Srisakda, Palinee Sumitsawan, Atsushi Fukuda, Chaiwat Sangsrichan, Tetsuhiro Ishizaka, KKU ENGINEERING JOURNAL, January 2022.

5. Analysis of Impact on Travel Behavior and Air Pollution by COVID-19 Measures during Pandemic, Journal of Human and Environmental Symbiosis: Hiroki KikuchiAtsushi FukudaYoshihiro Ushijima, Volume 38, Issue 1, Pages 3-14, February 2022.

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